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Despite being a relatively recent discipline, Home Staging monopolizes articles and covers in the main real estate media.
We have done an investigation to offer you a complete guide with everything you need to know about Home Staging

What is home staging?

Coming from the US, the meaning of Home Staging is “staging house.” It brings together a series of techniques that help to adapt a home to get its best face. This facilitates the sale in the market.
In Pakistan it is a new technique and only used in by few housing societies e.g. University Town Islamabad and Eighteen Islamabad, but in many European countries it is considered a common practice.

Why resort to this technique to sell a house?

For two fundamental reasons:

  • to attract as many people as possible interested in housing
  • Avoid cuts in the negotiation, which can reach up to 15%.

It is logical to think that the greater the offer we will have greater choice.

In addition, as we have said on occasion, buyers are better informed. Therefore, new real estate marketing strategies are needed, such as Home Staging.

Can I apply it to any property?

Of course! It is not only for properties with high purchasing power. It is a technique applicable to any property, be it housing (of all categories), office or commercial premises.

The limit will be in the budget to be allocated and in the type of transaction, as well as in the professional. This discipline covers a set of techniques performed by a professional called Home Stager.

On horseback between the decoration and the contractor, the Home Stager will take charge of the project. And to leave the house ready to photograph and advertise in real estate.

A professional or tricks of walking around the house?

Our recommendation is that you go to a professional, if in Islamabad we recommend Skymarketing. Just as you entrust the development of a web design for real estate  to a marketing agency, the Home Stager can advise you.

To start, because they have their own portfolio of suppliers. Carpenters, painters and electricians under his supervision that you won’t have to look for. In addition, in many cases they have cardboard furniture for home staging, to leave the house in optimal conditions.

Home Staging Techniques

Although it is convenient that you hire a professional, we understand that you want to know a little more about this profession. This technique covers a whole set of actions aimed at attracting the maximum number of people.

Take note of these Home staging techniques and ideas to sell a flat successfully:


The first thing you should do in a home is to remove the personal belongings of the owners.


Because one of the missions of home staging is to get visitors to imagine living there. Something that is difficult if we see the family photos of the owners and all their personal belongings. Therefore, remove all those objects such as photographs and decorative elements.


It is clear that not all of us are ordered in our own house. Therefore, always, you have to order the homes to capture the largest number of stakeholders.

Eliminate crowded drawers and full shelves. If necessary and has a storage room, it is a good idea to clear to make a good impression.

Remember also that 70% of the purchase is emotional. Even when the price difference is greater, an interested party will always opt for the first impression of the home


The next step is to clear the house. It is a very common mistake in countless homes not to respect the appropriate proportions between space and furniture. Surely you have seen tiny floors with huge libraries that reduce space and overwhelm the environment.

If possible, remove any excess furniture that does not contribute to the set. For example, if the house is spacious (a living room above 30 m2) you can afford two sofas. Otherwise, we recommend that you delete one of them. It brings nothing new and the impression is of a crowded space.

We will also add a concept that we have detected in countless advertisements in the main real estate portals: define each space. If the house has a disused room, take the opportunity to turn it into a playground.

If you leave that room as a storage room, visitors and potential buyers will perceive it as wasted and useless space. Don’t let that happen!


The goal of Home Staging is not to hide, but to strengthen each virtue and solve each problem. That is why another of its pillars goes through a deep cleaning and repair of all those possible damages.

Keep in mind that the vast majority of people do not buy houses to renovate, but to live in them. Offering a home ready to enter from the beginning is another of the missions of this discipline.

Organize the space and decorate

Many people understand that hiring the services of a Home Staging professional is the same as hiring a decorator. Nothing is further from reality. It is a necessary investment to shorten the commercialization deadlines.

In addition, many of these professionals have furniture for rent for the homes they prepare. Therefore, the investment in decoration is minimal.

What do I do if the house is empty or incomplete?

There is also a very cheap option for those homes that are empty or incomplete. There are numerous brands of cardboard furniture for home staging at a low price.

The result?

Houses where the visitor can get to the idea of ​​space, without the need to take measures or make cabals. Thus, you can imagine your own furniture and appliances favoring the effect that we have commented previously.

If the house is incomplete, there are cardboard furniture for home staging.
From tables and chairs, to beds, sofas, shelves, refrigerators,…

On the Krton Plan website , you have a wide assortment of cardboard furniture.

Cubiqz  also offers cardboard furniture with a wide catalog, although it is in another country.

Before and after

So you can get an idea of ​​the power of this technique, we have selected some Home Staging ideas from before and after.

The first idea was found on the  Lumina Home Staging website; founded by two Dutch based in Madrid.

Coming from worlds far removed from the real estate sector, both have been dedicated to Home Staging for a long time.

Among the projects that Lúmina has developed, we have chosen the image you see below these lines.

As you can see in the before and after Home Staging, the before is outdated and loaded. A change of handles and a little paint on the borders, they get a more clear and modern kitchen. What a change!

The second case is signed by Idea Home Staging.

You will find its most interesting services, because they offer their employees an investment from € 0, according to some conditions.

Its mission is to avoid the great discounts that are usually applied in the purchase sale. In addition to improving the terms of permanence in the market.

Also on its website we have found this “before and after Home Staging”.

What with this decoration are you able to imagine your life in the house?

The third of the ideas of Home staging, will illustrate the ability to renew an old and loaded space. We have found it on the  BCN Home Staging website.

Look especially at how the space removed has been cleared one of the sofas. Some of the furniture present in the “after” are the owners, so that the investment is minimal.

Highlight the importance of light for any space, because nobody likes a dark house. In the home decorated by this Barcelona Home Staging company, the light is limited to several windows.

As a solution, several lamps of various sizes are incorporated, in addition to painting the walls white. This provides an instantaneous luminosity that can be seen in the “after” images.

To finish with the ideas of Home Staging, we collect some images of how to clear a kitchen. You will notice that in addition to cleaning and tidying, the tiles and cabinets have been painted. Renewing space and offering a more modern image.

It seems incredible how you can improve a home with minimal investment. The budget is reduced to some paint and a lot of cleaning.

Prices and rates

Many are the ones who wonder, how much does Home Staging cost? The prices of each professional vary a lot, but to give you an idea, there are rates from 85 euros to 700 euros. Our recommendation is that you call several professionals and value the services offered by each of them.

Online and classroom courses.

If what you want is to train in this technique, we recommend you first, the Ahse Association , where you have a wide variety of companies that give Home Staging courses. Or If what you simply want is to inform you for free about the best online or face-to-face Home Staging courses, on the Emagister website  , you have a wide range of courses and centers so you can choose the one that best suits you.

Cardboard furniture

If you are looking for a cardboard furniture service company for Home Staging, we recommend a couple of service companies: Cubiqz and Cartonlab . In them you will find all the complements of the kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, … in cardboard so you can decorate a floor.

Anna Garcia –  D ecorator and trainer

Are you looking for a professional? Anna Garcia is Home Stager in Spain and is one of the best.   In 2011, he built his company Espai Interiores Home Staging and since then he has not stopped working. We leave you the link to your website so you can see in more detail its services, projects, courses, your book and your blog. We leave you a video of your company

Home Staging Association Spain – AHSE

Despite being recent in our country, we recommend that you enter the home staging association website in Spain. In it you will find numerous examples of the work of the professionals that integrate it.

In addition, you will have access to a complete list of companies and professionals. With the names of those responsible and examples of their work, so you can choose the option you want.

The association puts at your disposal a Home Staging blog and also a selection of videos related to it.

Home Staging Spain: The best portal

The Home Staging Spain portal is considered one of the best portals. In it you have articles, tips, ideas, courses, projects, etc. You can enter to see it through this link .

Virtual Home Staging: Free -VisualStager Software

If you are good at technology and prefer to generate your own images yourself, with VisualStager software you can make virtual Home Stagin images in minutes. It has a free version. Try it yourself, enter its website by  clicking here .

Virtual Home Staging: The 3d virtual services Company

The Virtual Home Staging Company has a great experience and can help you to furnish the home virtually.

If you want to sell empty properties, the best way to sell them is using virtual Home Staging. It consists of furnishing the homes virtually, so that the floor is more attractive. This helps those who buy the house, so they can imagine how it would be furnished. There are studies that show that a furnished house takes much less time to sell than an empty house.

Feed the self-esteem of your customers and they will adore you.

One of the real estate sales techniques that I teach in my course is to make the client feel important .

Making him feel important means showing him that you listen to him, answering his questions clearly, giving him something more than he expects, asking for his opinion and, above all, pronouncing his name several times during the conversation. This type of sales technique is sadly not observed in even the top projects in Pakistan included Park View City also the real estate courses.

Agents need to know how to argue or show a home by inserting 2-3 smart key questions in their argument, which covertly ask buyers for their opinions.

You must also learn to “show” the client that you are listening. It is not enough to move your head up and down.

I have a student who uses a very effective method when she receives information requests by phone. With this method, many of those who call you end up asking you to help them find the property they are looking for once they have met it in person.

The technique used by Grabiela is to ask for the name of the caller and let him know that he is writing : ” … who do I talk to, please?” I am Carlos Pérez “” One moment Carlos, let me write it down. You told me Car-los Pé-rez, is that so? “  With this approach Gabriela makes herself noticed in less than 30 seconds and makes the caller feel important. This is an example of what telemarketing can do for a real estate agent working in any housing society including the customer support teams dealing with plots for sale in Rawalpindi.

I have included here a short video on how to make a potential client feel important. The video comments on the content of one of the modules in which this sales and recruitment technique is located on how to make the client feel important doing business with you.

Keys of Real Estate Sale.

Make the Client Feel Important. There are certain attitudes and ways of behaving of some real estate agents that send the wrong message to the client that they are not being treated as they deserve.

When we are clients, we all want to feel important and expect a deal according to the budget we are going to spend. The recognition is a very powerful aphrodisiac. Use it in the sale and you will notice that you close more sales in less time.


Keys to Real Estate Sale: Take an example of Luxury Products.

Firms and companies that sell luxury products or services : jewelry, high-end cars, investments of millions of dollars or a stay in a hotel for $ 5,000 a night, offer a careful service, and do so in a suitable environment, consistent with The product they sell. They make the client feel comfortable and feel important. Haven’t you noticed how luxury home sellers dress in an elegant way?

This is so, because who buys this type of property, they like to make deals with people similar to them. Believe it or not to deal with a real estate agent that you normally see does not make you feel important enough.

Well, if we move this human psychological and emotional factor to real estate sales, we realize that a potential client will not pay enough money for a property if he does not receive a deal in line with what he will pay or invest. But we don’t just refer to the dress.

The knowledge of the seller about the property he sells also helps the client feel important. If you know what your target audience is, you will know their needs and it will be easy for you to prepare interesting questions that when answered, the client will feel esteemed, recognized, and therefore, will feel important for instance

Keys to Real Estate Sales and Negotiation: Help Buy Your Client.

With studies and research from Park View city we deduced To make your customers feel important, use these 7 tricks:

Trick No. 1. Remember his name. For each person his name is the most beautiful word in the language.

Trick No. 2. Show that you listen . Repeat some of his words as you listen, ask a brief question and of course he slowly attends his head several times.

Trick No. 3. Remember what you hear. Remember the transcendent information and use it with your client later. Some customers will be surprised that you remember certain data and this will make you be different and better than the competition.

Trick No. 4. Let your client take the glory . Nobody wants to hear your moments of glory. People prefer that you listen to their moments of glory. Although they are objectively smaller, for them they are much more important

Trick No. 5. Do not judge customers. Accept customers as they are. We all have insecurities. We all want to be accepted despite them. If you make the other person feel that you accept her as she is, you will have taken a great step for that person to value you.

Trick # 6. Choose the right words. Words have a lot of strength. You cannot speak in any way. You must choose the words that prevent the other person from feeling bad about themselves. For example, be careful when asking a landlord what the total area of ​​your property is. Not everyone knows it and demonstrating that this information is unknown does not make the owner feel good.

Trick No. 7. Feel that person is important. All the above ideas are valid. But they are irrelevant compared to this. If you feel that that person you are talking to is important, it is impossible for that person to feel bad about you.

I hope you use these tricks with each of your clients. The price of a property, its state, its location, etc. influence the purchase of the same. If a client visits a property and does not like it, or is not sure or wants to compare it with others, as a real estate agent your obligation is that once he has met you, he trusts you and uses you among all the agents he knows. Make your customers feel important and they will come to you.lo

I would be grateful if you would leave us a comment to this article. What do you think of the clients who buy luxury real estate? They are very demanding? Your opinion interests us. Thank you.



An esteemed and most sought out housing scheme in Islamabad “Faisal Hills Islamabad” is a project by Zedem International (Pvt.) Ltd. Zedem International (Pvt.) Ltd is a famous and trusted real estate developing company owned by Mr. Abdul Majeed former General Manager of Multigardens.

Zedem International came into being with the aim to provide sustainable residences at an affordable price for the general public. Mr. Majeed has provided an array of beautiful housing projects in the real estate market in Islamabad. Faisal Town blocks A and B, Faisal Margalla City and Faisal Residencia are few of the marvelous projects delivered by the group in a limited period of time.

Faisal Hills is the newest addition to the impressive list of accomplishments of Zedem International. Similar to previous projects the management is working round the clock to provide a sustainable living environment to the public, safe and secure housing options with all the amenities available to experience a comfortable living.

The housing scheme covers over a vast area of 18000 Kanal and accommodates around 9000 plots in different sizes. It is situated on the main GT road in the Taxila region  close to Islamabad City. It is positioned near the mesmerizing Margalla Hills and at only a few minutes’ drive from the new International Islamabad Aiport. The management was smart enough to find the most alluring location for their project in the midst of the populated and developed area, it is one of the most unique housing projects that is not built in a secluded  area. B-17 is adjacent to it while housing projects including MPCHS, Capital Smart City, and Blue World City is located only minutes away.

The  project is easily accessible from main GT Road and also B-17. The main entry gate of the housing project is constructed with a wide double road leading you straight into the society.This double road is fully constructed  till block B of the housing project. The society is also expecting to share the access from designated interchange from M-1 Peshawar to Islamabad Motorway from the G block of MPCHS.

The housing society was initially divided into the blocks A, B, and C and recently the owners of this esteemed project have decided to add another outstanding Executive block in the society equivalent to Overseas block of Park View City, a prestigious housing scheme situated in the most prime locations of Islamabad.

All the above-mentioned blocks consist of the following plot sizes:

  • 5 Marla
  • 7Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 12 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal


Currently all the previously purchased plot files for all the above-mentioned plots are available on resale with a significant amount of profit with 2- 3 paid installments.The society has currently launched its newest payment plan for the newest booking attached below:

The plots in the Executive block of the society are available on the full payment as it the most prestigious block with extra-ordinary facilities and development work near completion. The prices of the plots in the remaining blocks are available on different prices depending upon the size, location and development status of the area.

The infrastructure of society is developed at a fast pace and higher standards. All the heavy machinery is being utilized by the workers to provide advanced development work. The society is significantly progressing with each passing time due to the round the clock construction work by the skilled labors stationed at the site of Faisal Hills.

The development of the Block E “Executive block” is given priority as the society has made a commitment to the investors to grant possession of plots in the coming 3 months. While the development work in the remaining A, B, and C is also ongoing.

Three parks are under construction in the society for the leisure of the residents along with a massive cricket ground and a huge football stadium for the sports lover. Basic amenities such as electricity, Sui gas and water supply are already provided throughout the project.

The developers have promised to deliver the project in a maximum of 2 years and by the looks of the development happening in the society it seems that it will be completed ahead of its predicted time. The officials have given the timeframe of possession of the properties ranging from 3 months to 2 years. The Executive Block will be allotted to the investors within 3 months while the A block is promised to be given in 1 to 1.5 years, B Block in maximum 1.5 years and Block C will require 2 years for completion.

The residential project is the most fascinating investment opportunity for small dealers to get the advantage of the situation. The prices of the plots available in Faisal Hills have been revised 3 times already and even the smallest size plot file is now traded in the market with profit ranging from five to fifteen lakh depending on the location and development of the block.

The housing scheme is one of the best in the Islamabad and Taxila region and the most convenient to travel to and from. Zedem International does not only provide housing projects to provide living and commercial options but they also aim to revolutionize their projects with the best infrastructure and buildings with the state of the art technology and modern architecture. They believe in creating in communities that are fully equipped and operationally similar to substantial cities, that operate on the principles of self-sustainability and Faisal Hills is also created on the same principles.

It is a complete package for people looking for a peaceful and secure environment for their families so they can enjoy all the basic and comfortable facilities. The housing project is equipped with all amenities including a fully operational hospital, mosque, school, college and a huge commercial complex that is facilitated with all the leading retail brands. The society is an excellent short term as well as long term investment opportunity.

For bookings and more information about the project contact Sky Marketing, the most famous and well-known sales and marketing firm in Islamabad.